Beware of Religious Propaganda


A Post-election Warning

Propaganda is false publicity, misinformation, or false advertisement. People of faith should be forewarned on this matter: all prophecies about Donald Trump being God sent or devil sent should be taken with a tablespoon of salt. His election should not be taken as answer or non-answer to prayer, or be regarded that anyone is a true or false prophet, prognosticator, or astrological soothsayer. Don’t be too quick to embrace or reject any elected political personality as a messianic or anti-messianic figure. Here are three reasons for me taking this position.

1. His election does not prove anyone to be a true or false prophet unless such prophetic utterance was made years ahead of Trump entering the race. When there are two candidates, one must win, so any prophetic utterance would only be fifty percent right. You don’t need a prophet to tell you that one out of two will win. Beware therefore of anyone claiming to be a true prophet by reason of making the right choice. People of faith sometimes could be a little too gullible.

2.The time of the end will produce all kinds of characters, some good and some evil. People of faith are sometimes a little too dependent on miracles. God is not the magician we are trying to make Him out to be. As a result of this popular magic mentality, some people are easily deceived. Our Lord told the religious people of his day who wanted miracles to prove that he was the Messiah that his resurrection would be the only sign (typified by Jonah’s submarine experience). Speaking of the time of the end in which we now live, he warned against religious and political deception (Matt.24:4-12).

I hate saying this, but people of faith are prone to fall quickly for religious deception, especially utterances given by big name, celebrity religious leaders with a wide reach.

3. People of faith have a duty to pray for the ministers of state; they are called ministers of God (Rom.13:1-8). This does not mean they are necessarily inclined to God will. But it is our duty to pray for them, nonetheless. Saint Paul the writer of Romans, was not ignorant about the government leaders of the Roman Empire that persecuted Christians and eventually had him beheaded. Yet, he exhorts us of our Christian duty to pray for those in authority. This is the first vote and third vote that Christians must register with heaven. In other words, pray for guidance before you choose a leader, use that guidance to vote, and whoever wins pray for that person whether he/she is the one you wanted or not.

So, beware of spiritual propaganda, people coming out of the wood-works claiming Trump’s election is a fulfillment their prophetic utterances, and this now prove they are true prophets, and you need to buy their new prophetic merchandise. Be sure they have credibility on a more solid footing with a proven lifestyle far beyond this election outcome.

Author: Michael Dewar
Executive Director/Dwelling Place Cleansing


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An Angel Visited Our Community Last Night


Michael Dewar, Author
Can the appointed or elected leader of a nation bring prosperity or disaster to that nation? Can the Divine or even nature itself (e.g. earthquake, hurricane) participate in that disaster? This blog article is a commentary on an old and familiar story in a current news format; it provides clues to the question.

Terror Last Night
I am Jonathan Caleb, reporting live for CMM from Cairo, Egypt. Last night terror unprecedented hit this nation, and has left every household with someone dead. The mystery is, this  was not an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, disease, nuclear or chemical weapon’s attack. The intelligence officials are baffled. The attack was very selective in that it killed the first-born of each family.

To add insult to injury, over three million Hebrew slaves that comprised the labor force of this country have fled with their families and material belongings early this morning. They were living in a community named, Goshen. There is not one person or animal left in Goshen; they are all gone. This will devastate the nation’s economy.

The Government Intelligence Agency (GIA) is focusing their investigation on a ringleader of the Hebrew slaves named, Moshe. He is the adopted son of the king’s daughter. She rescued him as an abandon baby from Nile several decades ago, and paid for his care until he was about thirteen. At about age fifteen, the young man moved to live with the Royal Family at the palace. He received a good education and served with distinction in the arm forces. Moshe was always sympathetic to the plight of the Hebrew slaves, but he crossed the line when he struck an Egyptian to death for beating a Hebrew slave. He did not report the incident to authorities.

To cover-up his crime, he hid the body and kept silent about it. But an eye-witness implicated Moshe as the killer, but everyone thought the charge was absurd, that the Prince was wrongly accused. However, the GIA investigation later revealed Moshe as an imposter, claiming he is the son of Hebrew slaves. Some are asking for his birth certificate to prove his identity.

Upon this revelation, Moshe fled the country about forty years ago. But reliable sources said, he returned to the country last month demanding liberation for the Hebrew slaves. He claims to be on mission for some unknown desert God. The king and his advisors laughed at him, and had him escorted off the palace grounds. But Moshe is said to possess strange powers, more advanced than that of the military. Since he came back, many strange phenomena have happened; the GIA is attributing them to disturbance in nature. But the deaths that occurred in each Egyptian household last night left intelligence officials baffled and speechless.

Interview with Moshe’s Brother
Early this morning, I caught up with Moshe’s brother Aaron. He confirmed that the Hebrew families experienced no death at all; they were forewarned to stay inside their houses and observe a ritual feast they named, Passover. This feast is to be celebrated annually through all generations to come. It assures that their liberating God will protect and defend them wherever they go.

Each household was instructed to kill a lamb and put some of the blood on the front door of their house to protect them from the angel of death scheduled to pass through the land at mid-night last night, to strike down the first-born of each family. They were instructed to eat the prepared meal of roasted lamb, unleavened bread and bitter herbs in haste, and be ready to leave the country at dawn’s early light. All households did that, and are all safe leaving the country this more (Ex.12).

According to Aaron, these former slaves under Moshe’s leadership are heading toward the desert in the region of the Red Sea. They claim to be going to a land flowing with milk and honey. Rumor has it that your 2016 presidential election, back there in America, is also heading to the land of milk and honey or back to the land of slavery.

Bringing Back the Slaves
The king and his advisers are under fire this morning from the general public. One unconfirmed report is that the Arm Forces are deployed to overtake the slaves and bring them back.  We will stay on this lead to see what other tricks Moshe has in his bag when confronted with the most powerful military on earth. It appears, Moshe, is leading his people into a trap between the desert and the Red Sea.

The happenings over here are fraught with irony. Several decades ago a Hebrew slave saved the entire nation from starvation with an ingenious economic plan that carried the nation through seven years of famine. At the end of the famine they had a surplus. Later a new administration made slaves out of the Hebrews. Another thing, the over three million that left this morning are weighed down with gold, silver and other riches they borrowed from the Egyptians. Reparation, may be? (Some Americans are talking about the mule and to 40 acres they never go). Some are asking, what are these Hebrew slaves going to do with all this wealth?  There are no shopping malls, Macys, or Wal-Mart out here in the desert.

Handoff Reflection
As I handoff this report, I can’t help reflecting on what happened here today. Moshe’s God appears to be always on the side of the poor, the disadvantaged and the oppressed. He has way to bring down the mighty from their seats and exalts they of humble status. But in some situations, He allows wicked leaders to rule over people until they repent and cry-out for His help.

I kept wondering what would have happened to individual households, if they did not follow the instructions for the Passover ritual. It is the action that each household took that diverted the angel of death from that house. Does God protect individual homes and families today based upon the actions they take? Do we have to intentionally do something to activate divine security and blessing over home and family? Is what true for each household, true for the community and the nation? These and other questions are answered in the ground-breaking book: Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing. Get your copy now, Here. Or, visit (for short: DPSCLEANSING.COM).

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Happiness is an inside job

Michael Dewar, author
Executive Director, Dwelling Place Cleansing


In as much as you do natural house cleaning frequently, chances are, you never heard about the spiritual cleansing of a house, apartment, condo, co-op or the cleansing of the land the dwelling sits on before now. Most of us are accustomed to a onetime celebration called house-warming, or house dedication. Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing is a comprehensive spiritual exercise that neutralizes and removes the residual lifestyle desecration of previous occupants and owners from the dwelling and the land it sits on. It consecrates the dwelling and the land, and blesses the new family. It is an annual spiritual exercise and celebration Christians and other people of faith do at home. Jews, for example, celebrate Passover among other festivals early. Here are five reasons to have your dwelling spiritually cleansed not only once but yearly.

First, home and family are the greatest investments we will ever make. Even if you own a multi-million-dollar corporate jet, your home and family are the greatest investments of your life. That is the reason you go to work and the reason you want to go home at the end of the day. In this age of terror, home and family protection and safety are first priority. A little help from the Almighty Himself goes a long way. That help has to be intentionally invoked and established, and reinforced yearly.

Second, every dwelling places is spiritually desecrated by previous dwellers and owners. If you are not the first family to live in that place, chances are, you don’t know the lifestyle of the previous dwellers, or all that transpired in that space. Therefore, you should assume that the space is spiritually desecrated, and that mess remains even though they are long gone. Natural mess is easy to clean up because you can see it. You may be living with other peoples’ spiritual mess for as long as you are living in that space. That may explain some things that happened to your family. It is not too late for to begin the spiritual cleansing of your home. This book is your step-by-step guide it done this year.


Third, the land that a house was built on may be spiritually desecrated. You may be the first to live in the dwelling where you now live, so there is no former dwellers desecration to contend with, but what do you know of the history of the piece of land the house sits on? That may be desecrated, yet looking good like a toxic chemical burial site covered with a manicured lawn. Of course, if your dwelling is a condo, apartment or co-op, you can only spiritually cleansed your unit, not the land or the common areas.

Fourth, through the years, a family spiritually desecrate their own place. We are people of faith, but we are still imperfect human beings. One of our sins is neglect; we left undone the things we should have done. We are prone to forget; that is why the Almighty have the Jews celebrate seven festivals yearly. Each festival deals with one area of Jewish life. The Feast of Unleavened Bread requires not only that the Jew eats bread without yeast for several days but removes all yeast from the house (Exod.12:15-20). Leaven is a symbol of evil, sin and corruption. This ritual has to be observed every year. The Almighty is having them do dwelling place spiritual cleansing. Your home should be spiritually cleansed every year, because all of us are prone to desecrate things after they are made clean.

Fifth, re-establishing the spiritual hedge. God has a spiritual hedge of protection around his people (Job 1:6-11; Ps. 91:1-10). But this spiritual hedge should not be taken for granted; it can be compromised and leave us vulnerable. It should be intentionally re-enforced. The annual spiritual cleansing celebration is one such time to re-enforce God’s protective hedge around our homes and families. My prayer is that you will get the paperback copy of this step-by-step guide, and spiritually cleansed your home this year and every year after. Give you dwelling place an anniversary celebration. Buy this book here or on Amazon or Barns and Noble.

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Author: Michael W. Dewar, Sr.
Executive Director, Dwelling Place Cleansing

The term “freeloaders” is often used as a label for people receiving public assistance. Because of their financial situation they are unable to pay taxes. As one who still holds a Master’s Degree and license in Social Work and have worked with these so-called freeloaders for thirty years, I think I am uniquely qualified to say something on the subject. But, it may be helpful to first define the term, freeloader.

 The digital edition of the Collins English Dictionary defines freeloader as “a person who habitually depends on the charity of others for food [and] shelter” among other things. Webster defines what it is to freeload: “to get or ask for things (such as food, money, or a place to live) from people without paying for them.” Or “to impose upon another’s generosity or hospitality without sharing in the cost or responsibility involved…” When the term is used in the context of taxes and government assistance, it connotes a negative attitude against those receiving assistance. Public assistance programs are designed to help the very poor and those fallen on hard times. Let me make three points concerning this attitude.


Heaven Requires Prior Registration. Are you registered?
The Book of Life is your guide. Get it before registration ends.

First, from whence is the American social welfare system? It actually grew out of the complex of the British poor-law system. Back then, they divided the poor in two groups: the deserving poor and the undeserving poor. The deserving poor were individuals with no family support and had serious disabilities that precluded them from working. The undeserving poor were largely able-bodied people; people who for one reason or another, fell on hard times and needed help. The rich held onto their money, and the institutions of government were not inclined to help, so many resort to begging, pillaging or stealing. Poor children were not valued. They were exploited in work houses. Orphanages were awful and even brutal. The novel and movie Oliver Twist give a real backdrop to the plight of children then.

But as bad as that society was, people had a half-hearted compassion for the so-called deserving poor. In our 21st century world America, there are certain people groups that want to continue divide the poor into deserving and undeserving. Still others say, they are all freeloaders. One former presidential candidate was caught saying that forty-seven percent of the population are freeloaders (yes, that is what he meant).

I am prompted to ask, what have we that we did not receive? When you see a poor, homeless, hungry person, what do you do? Do you say, Gee! Let me see if he is deserving or undeserving of my help? Or, do you clutch your pocket-book and say, I am a tax payer and there goes another freeloader? We tend to hold on to stuff as if we brought them into this world with us, and we are going to take them with us on our departure. The fact is—we are just tenants and stewards for the years of our lives. Scripture reminds us, “God loves a cheerful giver” (1Cor.9:7). “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows” (Gal.6:7). In everyday vernacular, what goes around, comes around.

Second, the concept and practice of a society catchment net to help the poor actually goes back to the giving of the Torah. That is the first five books of what Christians called, the Old Testament. The society of ancient Israel largely got its living from agriculture (including cattle farming). Land owners were people of means. Many of them were the rich and powerful of society. The divine directive given to farmers in consideration of the poor was: “When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Do not go over your vineyard a second time or pick up the grapes that have fallen. Leave them for the poor and the alien. I am the Lord your God” (Lev.19:9-10; 23:22). The poor: fatherless, widows, and the stranger (alien) were the most vulnerable of that society, and provision was made in the law to protect them (Exod.22:21-24; Deut.10:17-18).

If you take the time to read the parenthetical references in the preceding paragraph, you will see the heart of the Divine. He stands as defender of the poor. He is the Creator and the true Owner of everything we think we own. He gave laws for the fair treatment of the poor. The law may be ancient but the lawgiver has not changed (Mal.3:6). In fact, Western jurisprudence is largely built upon the Hebrew Bible. Society has largely grown into great industrialized cities, but the concept of helping the poor remains. It is a divine requirement. Individuals and societies that refuse to help the poor, run the risk of becoming poor themselves. Given the globalized economy, you can be rich today and poor tomorrow. But there is another force called, nature, that can take our stuff and reduce a community to rubbles overnight. The uncompassionate treatment of the poor is dangerous business. Their defender is strong, and he is watching and listening to see how compassionate we are to our fellow human beings.


Your Dwelling is Desecrated and Need Spiritual Cleansing.
Here is your Guide for the Clean-up


Finally, we will all be judged on the basis of how we treat the poor, according to Matthew (25:31-46). You owe it to yourself to read these verses carefully; it tells you what’s coming. The verses actually have to do with the judgment of nations. It will take place shortly, at the very end of this age. When you read it, take note of the expression, “whatever you did [or did not] do for one of the least of these, you did [or did not] do for me.”

Our treatment of the poor has eternal consequences for individuals and all of society. The few people who abuse the public assistance system have their day of reckoning coming too, but don’t allow them to cause us to close your bowels of compassion toward the poor. The vast majority of people who ask for public assistance are not freeloaders. They are fellow-citizens that have fallen on hard times, and social justice demands that we provide help until they can help themselves.

Author: Michael Dewar, Sr.
Executive Director, Dwelling Place Cleansing




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Former Dwellers DNA at Your Place

Author: Michael Dewar
Executive Director, Dwelling Place Cleansing

You never truly know what you are living with until you seriously think about it.dna-image-blog

You never truly know what you are living with until you seriously think about it. Scientists have long-established that human DNA can remain at a location indefinitely, and that includes your home. Human DNA, of course, is fragile and decays when exposed to the elements for sometimes; for this reason, harvesting it for analysis could be very challenging. Nonetheless, some scientists indicate that DNA can survive for “one million years.” The oldest human genetic material on record, is said to be that of Neanderthal man, discovered in Northeastern Spain and dated at 100,000 years; others say, it is a 430,000-year-old fossil. Whatever the correct dating might be, the point is well established that human DNA can remain at a site indefinitely, and more so when it is indoors and not exposed to the elements.

If you have just rented or bought a house, co-op or condo that was lived in by ten different families before you, you are be living with the DNA of the previous occupants. We don’t often think like that, but it is true. There is something in all of us that consciously or unconsciously want to clean-up the last dweller’s mess. So, we walk through, we disinfect, we change wall-paper, we paint, and try to get rid of former dwellers’ traces until we are satisfied. But we shouldn’t stop there, because there is much more at stake than the harm physical mess can cause to our well-being.

For want of a better term, let me call the next level of required clean-up, the spiritual DNA of former dwellers. No human being is just a composition of tissues and bones; the body is more than the physical. You will agree that a living person has something that a dead body does not have, but have you ever seen that something? No. Yet, it is that something that makes us truly human. It is the spiritual aspect of our personality that survives the physical. The three major monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) that exist before modern science all agree to the existence of that spiritual aspect.

The lifestyle of people is either good or evil, and they will be held accountable at the judgment with reward or punishment. If you think Hitler and others like him got away with their atrocities, think again. The end of the age judgment is court system of the Almighty Himself in session. This court will be evidence-based as any human court. Every concentration camp will be exhibit evidence on display. My previous publication, The Book of Life & The Books of Wrath lays out what’s coming, but that is not the thesis for this article.

This article is making the case that every dwelling place (house, condo, apartment, coop) is to some extent physically and spiritually desecrated by their former occupants, and that desecration memorialized at the site bears witness to it. And even though the former dwellers are long gone, their residual spiritual mess, like toxic chemical is left behind to affect the new family that moves in to live.

New families are quick to clean-up the physical mess they can see, but much more is going on at that site that need cleaning up as well. Harmful spiritual desecration not visible to the naked eye also needs cleaning up. Even if you have been living at the place twenty or more years, if you never had a spiritual clean-up, now is the time. My new book is your guide to that spiritual clean-up: Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing: Overcoming Previous Dwellers’ Histories and Desecrations by Michael W. Dewar. You may just be living with more than you bargained for.




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