Parental Honor

(First published April 2016)

 The months of May and June are set aside for honoring mothers and fathers. I am writing this piece early because the concept behind the celebration calls for reflection, and I want this short article to have a few weeks reading life. I think it might be a liberating read for some people.

The biblical injunction to honor one’s mother and father is recognized in almost every culture on earth and observed among numerous people groups, but not solely on biblical grounds. Parental honor is instinctive in the brute/beast creation in the context of survival and care for off-spring. Among humans, it is more than instinctive. We honor by choice and that is the reason for the injunction to honor parents. The giver of the command to honor knows that some children will be more inclined to dishonor because they were either abandoned, abused or neglected. They have justifiable reasons not to honor but the injunction does not include any exception clause.

No exception given to honoring parents. Perhaps, this is the reason the biblical injunction comes with the blessing of longevity of life for those who honor parents. The giver of the injunction wants us to know it is in our best interest to honor. Here is the full wording of the injunction: “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you” (Exod.20:12). No exception given. Honoring one parent is good, but honoring both is better. Someone says, “partial obedience is disobedience.”

In ancient Israel, children that dishonor parents were stoned to death. Today, we don’t do the stoning thing, but the consequence of dishonor and the promise of blessing and longevity of life for those who honor parents still apply. Here is the New Testament (NT) rendition of the same injunction: “Honor your father and your mother…that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life upon the earth” (Eph. 6:2 NIV).

Parents that honor their parents are actually socializing their children to honor them. A little boy was observed by his father carving out a bowl from a piece of wood, he asked, “Son, what are you doing?” He replied, “Making a bowl to feed you when you get old as you did for grandpa.” Children are observing, and what goes around comes around. Could it be that life is not going well with some people because they dishonor their parents? My advice is this—break the cycle of dishonor that it may go well with you.

It is a horrible thing to be abandoned, abused or neglected at any time in one’s life, but that experience will forever hold you captive and cut your life short if you refuse to forgive. This outcome is most certain when it is a grudge held against a parent.

Author: Michael W. Dewar, Sr.
Dwelling Place Cleansing



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Change of Site Display Title

January 25th 2016

Hello Everyone,

This is an announcement.

The previous display title of this blog site was “endtimetalk” which is also the domain ( address for the site. For 2016 my focus and vision have shifted. The  new display title is now “The Dwelling Place” but the site’s address will remain,

Why the change? Well it is not a radical change. Heretofore, my focus was almost exclusively on endtime issues. When I first launched the site I had written two books: The Master List Uncovered, and The Book of Life & The Books of Wrath; they both had to do with things spiritual. I have written a new book, Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing, this also is about spirituality and health. There are some services connected to this book for the dwelling place (home) and the property it sits on. In short it is about spiritual security for home and family.

My focus this year (the Lord willing) is to bring this somewhat new concept to light. Since I now have a team, blogs will be posted more frequently posted. I hope those of you that have interest in this new frontier of home and family spiritual security will come by from time to time and share those ideas. The new website is still under construction (DPSCLEANSING.COM or

Michael Dewar
Dewelling Place Spiritual Cleansing


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Heaven Requires Prior Registration?

I was having lunch with at group of nurses at a major northeastern teaching hospital and medical center recently. I was using the occasion to autograph my new book, The Book of Life & The Books of Wrath. The cover of the book has these words, “Heaven Requires Prior Registration.” This started a discussion when one person asked, “Do you really believe that you have to register to go to heaven? I don’t believe that! You just have to do what’s right, what’s good!”  I humorously responded, “May be you should write a rebuttal with the title, Heaven, No Prior Registration Required.” 

The mindset that you gain entrance to God’s heaven by just doing what is “right” or “good” is a very popular belief, but at best a misguided one and I will show you why. First, who determines the level of rightness or goodness that will satisfy heaven’s entrance requirement?  If that is left to each individual to decide then each person establishes his or her own standard which in the end is no standard at all.

Lets say, each person seeking entrance to the United States from abroad set his own standard, wouldn’t you consider that approach absurd? For one, the United States would have surrendered its sovereign authority and greatly compromised its security. A sovereign state must set the standard by which anyone gain entrance; the kingdom of God does not surrender that right. God alone determines the level of human rightness and goodness that satisfy His entrance requirements.

The King of the kingdom says there is not one human being good enough on his or her own terms to gain entrance to my heaven; no one measures up to the standard of righteousness God requires. Human beings can be morally good and decent people but that on its own does not meet God’s required standard. If you rely on this self-produced rightness or goodness, you will not get close to heaven’s gate much more gaining entrance.

The Book of Life & The Books of Wrath makes clear what you need to do in the here and now to secure a place in the hereafter. It is this knowing and doing what God requires now that I refer to as prior registration. The biblical evidence is clear that your name must be in the Book of Life in time to be on the right side of eternity. Learn more here.

Michael Dewar

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The Book of Life

His Majesty’s Archives

My new book  entitled “The Book of Life & The Books of Wrath”  was released to bookstores everywhere April 2013. It takes you into the heavenly archives of His Majesty’s government and gives you a rare look at two sets of records kept in heaven on the human family. It has all of us on record, including you and me. This should not surprise any of us for all governments keep a record of its subjects, and since the concept of government is a divine idea (gone bad in the hands of man) it follows that some recording keeping is necessary. I would be very disappointed if heaven has no record on good people like Mother Teresa and bad people like Hitler. Fairness requires it and Justice demands; this is why there are two sets of records.

The book that you would want your name in is “The Book of Life.”  What most people don’t know is that going to heaven requires “prior registration.” The good news is that registration is going on now and its free. Like everything else, if you want in, you have to make getting registered a priority. This book shows you how.

I would welcome your feedback on this book on Amazon or  Barnes and Noble book review. We can have a conversation right here on endtimetalk as well.

Michael Dewar

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