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Author: Michael Dewar
The Dwelling Place

Might over Rights

Where are the children, where are the girls seized by the Trump Administration?

Are we now borrowing a page from the terrorist organization, Boco Haram, to supplement our immigration policy? “In 2014, more than 200 girls were kidnapped by Boco Haram in Nigeria,” and there was a worldwide outcry, but they held on to those girls for years, some were never returned. The taking of children without parental consent is kidnapping? It does not matter who is doing it.

The executive order signed by the President today (6/20/18) does not do very much. The government should find all the children that they took, track down the parents and reunite them. There is what is called, “parental rights” which can be voluntarily surrendered by parents or terminated by a court on the grounds of permanent abandonment. These parents have not surrendered their rights or abandoned their children. They were seized!

The government has a legal and moral obligation to reunite these children with their families. Think of another country like Iran doing that to a group of U.S. citizens who unwittingly entered in their territory by air, land or sea. That would be war! What on earth make us think that all children are not precious in the eyes of the Creator!

Why aren’t the governments of the three countries from when these children came uniting with one voice demanding the return of these children? Why is this violation of human rights not called that or kidnapping?

The U.S. has a right to protect its borders, but the United State government does not have the political will to do it. You have all these bright men and women in government, many with law degrees from Ivy League university but acting like fools, divided by party interests, not the interest of the country.

We Should Take Warning

These are the kinds of activities that upset nature’s God to unleash the forces of nature on us. Volcanoes getting disturb, floods, wild-fire, earthquakes, and hurricanes are all instruments that can be used to discipline a country for supporting a proud and arrogant government. These disasters can deplete the wealth of a country and bring it to its knees. Keep convincing yourself that all nature’s activities are just purely science.

We are a generous country, but our generosity of the past does not count if we become selfish and brutal. By the way, we must pray for our government ministers, but call them out as the 600 bishops of the United Methodist Church did this week. It appears as if half of the evangelical Christians are behaving like the apostate church riding the beast of Revelation 17 (see the Book of Life); they are blindly blessing what clearly goes against the written text of Scripture.

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People everywhere are invited to join this hilarious fight.

Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal, faces a new rival on Amazon, Dewar’s newly published book, Bless and Curse Not: The Art of Blessing.

A book fight is when two books compete in the marketplace for first place, often a David and a Goliath. In this fight, the Goliath is self-evident. From October 2017 to January 31st, 2018 people will line up behind their book of choice to get first-place or to remain in first-place. Most people, however, tend to purchase both books to make a fair, health comparison and to benefit from the knowledge both books offer. Normally, people return to write a book review on Amazon or wherever the purchase was made.

This current book fight showcases the two books shown here: Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal, and Dewar’s book, Bless and Curse Not: The Art of Blessing.

We will watch with interest as these two books duke it out for first place over the next few months. Counting from October 12th, 2017, the book that crosses the finish line first with one million copies sold, will be the first-place winner. Some are saying the Goliath in this fight has never loss a battle before. Others are saying, that true but Goliath has never met David before.

The two books are markedly different; the two authors embrace different set of values, and the books are written to different audiences. It is believed, however, that people will buy both books not only to make a healthy comparison, but to benefit from the knowledge both offer. This way, the people get the best deal when all of this is over.

What are the rules. There is only one rule: do not use Book Fights for political purpose, to denigrate the authors or to write or post bad reviews on them. Reviews must be on the merit of the book only.

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