Blind Party Loyalty Vs. What’s Good for the Country

Blind Party Loyalty Vs. What’s Good for the County I am not a political person, but now and then I exercise my constitutional right of free speech on significant political issues that affect us all. I am beginning to think that the two-party system is doing untold damage our country. People are so locked intoContinue reading “Blind Party Loyalty Vs. What’s Good for the Country”


Author: Michael Dewar The Dwelling Place Might over Rights Where are the children, where are the girls seized by the Trump Administration? Are we now borrowing a page from the terrorist organization, Boco Haram, to supplement our immigration policy? “In 2014, more than 200 girls were kidnapped by Boco Haram in Nigeria,” and there wasContinue reading “THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT NOW KIDNAPPING CHILDREN?”