The Wise, the Fool, and the Idiot

People generally like to put others in one of three personality categories: wise, fool, or idiot. Socrates said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  So, I like to reflect on the things I do at times; sometimes I feel wise when I do. A few days later, I am hitting myself in the head and shouting, what a fool I was! Another few days, I downgrade my self-indictment from fool to idiot. Like the first time I bought a house, the realtor told me the price and I said, I’ll take it. I just didn’t know you could negotiate the price. Well, that’s a long time ago. All of us at one time or another fit in all three categories. Alternately of course, because you can’t be wise, fool and idiot at the same time. I often wonder if these three categories really mix? Let’s take a look at them.

Now, we know that a fool is not an idiot. A fool is one with knowledge, but fails to use that knowledge appropriately. Have you ever been dumb-founded how professed smart people do unimaginable stupid things? Be kind because at times that person is not the person spoken to or the person spoken about but the person speaking.

The Bible calls some people fools. For example, “the fool has said in his heart there is no God” (Ps.14:1).  Why is this person called, a fool? I’ll tell you why. If a person with a third grade education looked at the new World Trade Centers here in NYC, and without humor said, they came into being by themselves. What would you think? What if he is a college professor? Now, what would you call him?

Now, an idiot is not a fool. An idiot is one that does not have the capacity for knowledge. He can be excused for saying, the structures spontaneously came to be. He doesn’t know better. Everybody else knows that the structures did not build themselves.

The word, wise, explains itself. The wise looks at the majesty of the structure and is awe-struck by its grandeur, and the genus of the builder (Ps.19:1-3). The fool sees grandeur and majesty but no builder, no agency, no transcendence. None of this matters to the idiot; he does not have the capacity to appreciate any of this.

Author:Michael Dewar

No Disaster Near Your Dwelling

Wildfire, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, flood, epidemic—yet there are few houses and families left unscathed here and there. And people say, “Isn’t that odd! Look at those houses unaffected amidst this sea of devastation.” Others say, they are strangely lucky! Lucky? I can assure you, if you research the history of these homes and families, you will find that in most cases, their survival has to do with much more than luck or chance. I will not go as far as to say, you can disaster-proof a community with all its homes and families, but you can come mighty close. There is a level of safety most people do not know about and few consider, but half-heartedly. Walk with me as we explore this unconventional level of home and family safety.

Is Home and Family Safety Always Conventional?
The short answer is, no. When a house is built according to the legal building codes of a township: location, quality materials, and other regulations have to be adhered to for safety. These are conventional safety steps that every builder is expected to follow. It is the law!

After the house is built, there are other conventional safety precautions to put in place to ensure safety: fire-alarm, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, home-security system, home-owner’s insurance, fire extinguishers, and so on. Not having these is risky and even negligent. But in spite of having them, disasters can still destroy both home and family. This is the gap that I seek to cover here and refer to as unconventional security. This area of security takes us, to some extent, outside of the purview science into the domain where spiritual warfare is waged. Bear in mind that Satan is called, that god of this world. He controls and influences territories and people.

The book, Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing states that the land that a house was built on may be desecrated, and the house itself most often became desecrated after it was built. This desecration is caused by the dwellers that occupied the house or apartment before you moved into it. Living with former dwellers’ desecration is like living on a toxic chemical dump, now an inviting lawn. The place looks innocent but it is slowly killing you and your family. This unseen evil can come at you and your family from various directions, and you can only fight it successfully if you are a person of faith. This is why the steps to combat evil are most often unconventional. Evil has no ontological being of its own to fight, but it can be successfully fought with spiritual warfare weapons (Eph.6:10-18).

Safety of Home and Family Guaranteed
The person of faith is guaranteed divine protection, but it does not mean that your faith will not be tested at times. This truth is self-evident in the book of Job. God temporarily suspend the hedge of protection for Job to be tested. The testing of your faith is soul-making, character building. But who is that person of faith? Here I can only speak with authority for the Christian faith, and within that context, I can only speak for those that are truly “born again” (John 3:1-8). The person who is not born again does not have the spiritual firepower to wage successful spiritual warfare against the powers of evil. But even so, little faith can enjoy a measure of protection and safety as opposed to no faith at all.

From ancient times, the God of the Bible invested himself in the protection of his people. This is beautiful captured in Psalm 91. “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress, in whom I trust. Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence” (verses 1-3). The psalmist goes on to say, “If you make the Most High your dwelling…no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your dwelling. For he will command his angels to guard you in all your ways…” (verses 9-11). In this psalm and through the scriptures, the people of God is guaranteed divine protection because of their active faith in the Almighty and his faithfulness to his people.

You may further observe that Psalm 91 is reminiscent of the night the ancient Israelites were emancipated from the tyranny of Egyptian servitude and their subsequent wilderness journey. That night of their deliverance as they ate the Passover meal, the blood of slain lamb was applied to the door-frame of each dwelling of the Israelites for their protection and safety. At the same time the angel of death was striking down the first-born in every Egyptian’s dwelling (Exod.12: 1-12,29-30). No judgment came to the dwelling places of the Israelites because a certain ritual was performed to keep them safe. The God of the Bible is unchanging and continues to provide dwelling place protection to people faith today.

Dwelling Place Disaster-Proofing
Again, there are certain conventional things named in paragraph three that God will not do for you or me; that is our responsibility. The unconventional things to do for your dwelling place and family safety are set forth in the book, Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing. The land that your house or the dwelling you live in sits on, is a living thing. It has its own personality and history. If that piece of land is desecrated, it should be spiritually cleansed with the dwelling. Dwellings become desecrated after they are built; they are desecrated by the people who live in them. The shedding of innocent blood, among other things, desecrated both the dwelling and land it sits on. That blood continues to cry out until justice is rendered. This is one compelling reasons, among many others, why dwelling place spiritual cleansing is necessary.

Finally, the spiritual cleansing of your house, apartment, coop, or condo is an annual spiritual exercise. Like a wedding or birthday anniversary, celebrate it each year. It is time to get your dwelling spiritual cleansed, begin with reading the book and follow the instruction.
Author: Michael W. Dewar


Barriers to Health, Advancement in Life and Financial Success (Part 2)

Michael Dewar, Sr.

In Part 1 of this article, I dealt with the harmful lifestyle histories of past dwellers that are memorialized in the space you now call home. The past deeds of these people continue to exert harmful influence like toxic chemicals buried at a location but unknown to new dwellers. Lifestyle histories need to be spiritual cleaned up. I say spiritual clean up, because new wallpaper or a paint job cannot cover spiritual desecration. Neither can detergents and disinfectants remove it. A spiritual authority has to intentionally remove it before new dwellers move in to live, or shortly thereafter. The workplace is affected in a similar way, and that is the focus of this part of the article.

The number one place that most people strive to advance is at their work, because the quality of live they aspire to lead is largely based upon economics. Economics determines the house and neighborhood we live in, the college our children attend, and the other perks the good life offers. However, some people, in spite of having good education and good jobs, their lives are bedeviled by series of unexplainable setbacks, barriers that eclipse personal growth and progress.  This article offers one possible explanation, one most people never thought about. To apply these suggestions at work, however, is not practical for everyone given the nature of some workplaces, much wisdom is needed.

Here is a case scenario that may better illustrate the point. David is a young executive that has just landed his dream job in a multinational company. His office suite is on the 10th floor of a downtown skyscraper. He enjoys a panoramic view of the majestic layout of the city. What he does not know is the history of the office he now occupies. The man who ruthlessly built the company almost single-handedly, occupied this office for thirty years. He destroyed many lives to amass his fortune. Since his passing, David is the third executive to occupy this office, none of them stayed more than six months before something unexpected happened to cause their termination. David is not privy to the details of this information; it is a well-kept secret. Workers are quietly placing bets to see if he will make it to the six-month mark.

Now, here is what David did not learn in science class or at the prestigious business school he graduated from: all the lives that have gone through that office are memorialized in that space.  Their physical DNA is still there, but more importantly, their histories like toxic chemicals continue to exert influence in that office as well. David may have brought in a decorator to give the office a new look, but that will have nothing to do with his success. Workers whisper beneath their breath that the office is bewitched, and David will be the next causality. This bewitching thing is a little superstitious of course, and that is not what I am about in this article. For good or evil, there is an unseen reality that influences every location that humans have occupied for sometimes.

What is David to do? How would you advise him? If I were advising David this is what I would do (bear in mind, I am a pastor, a spiritual authority). I would have lunch with him and congratulate him on his new position, then offer to spiritually cleanse and bless his office. I would put it in such a way that no would hardly be an option. We would arrange to have cleansing done discreetly. I know—for some people, if they cannot see it, it does not exist. But pain, gravity, energy, and a hosts of other things are real even though I cannot see them.

Spiritual cleansing is designed to end the influence of all previous human histories in that office and give David a truly new start with a higher spiritual authority behind him. If you are a spiritual person and have your own office, you can do the same and have your office or immediate work station spiritually cleansed. If you share office, you can spiritually cleanse your cubicle or desk area without attracting the attention of skeptical eyes. All you need is a spiritual cleansing guide and a business office cleansing kit. Learn more here.