Storing Food Now to Survive Taking the Mark of the Beast During the Great Tribulation Period


Author: Michael Dewar
Date: May 25 2018

This article answers the question, what are the merits and demerits of stack-piling food, water and other necessities now, as a survival leverage against taking the Mark of the Beast during the Great Tribulation period?  Perhaps, some of you do not know what the Great Tribulation is, so let’s begin with a brief explanation of that. It will help you to understand the essence of this article.

 Great Tribulation Briefly Explained

“The great tribulation” referred to by Jesus in His Olivet discourse on the time of the end is recorded in the Gospel of Matthew (24:21). The great tribulation is a popular biblical and theological teaching that says, there will be seven years of intense global suffering such as the world has never seen. During this time, there will be a one-world-government, under a satanic dictator known as the Antichrist. He is also called, the beast, the man of sin, and the lawless one (Rev.13:1-10; 2 Thess.2: 3-12). He will be in control of the earth and all its available resources. He will force all humankind to worship him, and will achieve this goal through deception, the control of global commerce including food, and a biometric system known as the mark of the beast (Rev.13: 8, 16).

The Antichrist will have a sidekick known as the False Prophet; he is the second beast of Revelation (13:11-18). His will be a religious-political leader whose job is the enforcement of the religious and economic policies of the Antichrist. He will get really mean, nasty in the second three and a half of the seven years. To survive, you must take the mark of the beast or be hunted down and killed.

From the atmospheric heaven, Jesus will call for His church (this is called, the rapture) just before the seven years start or at the mid-point of the seven years (1Thess.4:13-18). The rapture is not the Second Coming of Christ, that will come later. Jesus will return to earth with His church at end of the seven years Satanic rule (this is the Second Coming). He will crush the Antichrist and his military armada (Rev.19:11-21). Then Jesus will setup His throne in Jerusalem and rule over the earth for thousand years; this is called, the millennium (Rev.20:1-6). This is followed by the Final Judgment (Rev. 20:7-15).

Now, all of this is prophetically true; it is history written before it happens. Of course, the church world doesn’t all teach it exact same way. I have written two books on this that will give you a better understanding of what is coming and what to do. They are: The Master List Uncovered and The Book of Life & The Books of Wrath.

Storing Food Now as a Survival Strategy

There are individuals and ministries right now marketing food and other necessities to the public to help them survive this global times of suffering. Grant it, it is an excellent but deceptive marketing gimmick. Excellent because it identifies a desperate need during a desperate time. Deceptive because if you truly understand the Bible and that period of time—you should know full well that there will be nowhere to hide. So, you are giving false hope to a gullible and unsuspecting people.

There are only three options concerning that time. (1) Be sure you are not here when all this is happening. There is only one place you could be and that is in heaven with Jesus. (2) If you are here and want to go to heaven, you must refuse the mark of the beast and be killed. (3) If you are here you take the mark of the beast and live well; this means, you throw in your lot with Satan and will spend your eternity with him.in you know where.

Why Storing Food Won’t Work

  1. You would have to store enough food, water, and other necessities for a minimum of three and a half years; the ideal would be seven years.
  2. Where on earth are you going to store that quantity of food that only you and your immediate family know about it? You cannot store it where you now live. It would have to be in a deep cave in some faraway, isolated place that you don’t emerge from for at least 3 ½ years. There can be no contact with the outside world, because you run the risk of being found out. And I am not sure, you can hide from Satan. If you are here on earth, Satan will know where you are; His human police will find you.
  3. The government that is controlled by Satan will be searching for you, using all its electronic surveillance systems, including: satellite, drones, and heat-seeking technology. If you emerge once from your cave, it is over for you. Some satellite or drone or human will spot you.


These kinds of gimmicks usually hurt the cause of the gospel, especially during such a time when millions are fleeing from churches. It would be much better to preach the gospel and encourage people to get registered in the Book of Life now rather than making preparation to out-smart the Antichrist. It is a silly scheme. Being registered to the Book of Life now is the only guaranteed ticket out of here. Learn how from the Book of Life.

The Tower Building Generation

November 18th 2019
Author: Michael Dewar,Sr.

As I watch these impeachment hearings three questions come mind. First, whatever happen to the truth? I mean the naked truth that people swore with upheld hands to tell. About the spring of AD 30, Pilate, the Roman Governor had a popular Rabbi on trial before a hostile crowd. Pilate had already determined the Rabbi’s innocence and wanted to let him go. But the crowd, led by a powerful High Priest with political connections was determined to have the Rabbi executed.

 In the dialogue between Pilate and the Rabbi, Pilate asked, are you a king? The Rabbi responded that his kingdom was not of this world. That he came into this world to testify to the truth, and everyone on the side of truth listens to him. Pilate asked, what is truth? Without waiting for the answer, he walked out and handed the innocent Rabbi to be executed (John 18:33-40).

The irony is, the Rabbi had previously said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to God except through me” (John 14:6). What’s the point? Like Pilate, some public servants will subvert the truth, trash the constitution and sell out the country for financial gain and political expediency.

Second, the impeachment hearings have moved me to ask, is this another Babel generation we are facing? In Genesis (11:1-9), we see a post-flood generation building the first skyscraper, a tower and a city. It was man’s attempt to build his world in defiance of God. God came down and confounded their language, so they abandoned the project.

Have you noticed how we no longer speak the same language as a people? Republicans speak one language, Democrats another; the rich one language, everybody else another. Baby Boomers speak one language, Millennials another. With changing language comes changing values. I am not saying that is all bad; it is good to have different perspectives, if we can treat our opponents as neighbors, not enemies. I am getting at democratic ideals. The same thing that fractures none-democratic nations and have them in turmoil has come home to roost in the U.S. Reason? Perhaps greed, the lust for power and money, plus the abandonment of fundamental values that made us the envy of the world.

It is also ironic that on 9/11 we watched the Towers fall. They fell from above because the first attempt to bring them down from below failed; the foundation was strong. Now, we have a builder of towers at the pinnacle of executive power with an AG arguing for absolute power which only God Himself has. The handwriting is on the wall that there are cracks in the foundation of this democracy and if we are not careful, the whole structure will come tumbling down on all us as the implosion of the Twin Towers.

Third, the impeachment hearings have moved me to ask, have we gone back to bed. We said, 9/11 was a wake-up call. And every major shooting incident since, we say it’s a wake-up call. But I hear no one say the stunning breach of security the impeachment hearings reveal is another wake-up call. Perhaps, we are sleeping so soundly that we haven’t heard a thing. Or, we are safe with a false sense of security, so we went back to bed as we do after every crisis. We were caught with our pants down on 9/11 that we could not even scramble a couple of F-16s flying several times faster than the speed of sound to ward off the hijackers from the Twin Towers or the Pentagon. If a few hijackers can strike at the heart of our economic and military might and have the American President on the run, doesn’t frighten you, what will? If politicians are asleep at the wheel, perhaps we don’t need them after all.

Some of us can take comfort in the fact that we are not just U.S. citizens but citizens of the commonwealth of nations and have a choice of somewhere to run, but where will you run? On the other hand, it might be pure fiction that if the bricks of this democracy come loose there is somewhere to run. Perhaps, we have all come to the water’s edge. Yet, I am hopeful that there are some dedicated public servants that have not succumb the deadly disease of patrician politics. In case you didn’t get it, the Tower that is at risk this time is the entire democracy.



I watched a few minutes of the impeachment hearing yesterday (9/17/19), and what a circus that was. If we can’t hold our leaders accountable, then perhaps, we have lost the ability to govern ourselves; the grand experiment has failed.

In my early years in school, they told me democracy is a “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” It is not a theocracy, monarchy, dictatorship, oligarchy which have all been tried and failed. Democracy is perhaps the youngest kid on the block, but this kid might not reach adulthood, because she is fighting with all her siblings and can’t get anything done.

Democracy is perhaps the most difficult form of government, because humans have free will and everyone wants to go his or her own way. May be, that’s why the kingdom of God is not a democracy, because there are those who would think Satan would make a good choice to be God; he gives more freedom.

Speaking of the devil, do you know he is the head of his own kingdom? And it is not a democracy. Nobody elected or appointed Satan to be devil. He is self-appointed. Nobody would choose him to be devil. But if you had the chance to vote for a different devil, who would you choose. We, at least, know the devil we have. There is no telling the one we would get should the universe call for an election.

Theocracy Could Work

The reason theocracy could work–the God who sits on the throne has to own everything, like heaven and earth and everything in between. He is all powerful, all knowing, present everywhere at the same time, and nobody elected or appointed Him. It sounds like the God we already have; as for me there is no need to change.

Why do I think theocracy will work? Read the last three chapters of the last book of the Bible (Revelation 20, 21, 22). Satan is permanently put in prison, God relocates to earth, no more suffering, disease and death, no more wars, no more greed. No more Wall Street or government cheese.

Trust me utopia is near, but it won’t come about with government as we know it today. Until then I challenge you to become an Agent of Peace. Check out my three-volume training course on conflict resolution for churches, seminaries, divinity schools, Bible Colleges and for small group study at: michaeldewar.com

Blind Party Loyalty Vs. What’s Good for the Country


Blind Party Loyalty Vs. What’s Good for the County

I am not a political person, but now and then I exercise my constitutional right of free speech on significant political issues that affect us all. I am beginning to think that the two-party system is doing untold damage our country. People are so locked into what their party leaders want that they fail to see, think and choose independently for the good of the country. What’s wrong with us?

Now, let’s take the Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing. There is no doubt that Kavanaugh is academically qualified for the position; that’s not the issue. Frankly, academic capability is only one line of qualification. The man is a brilliant scholar. It is not even about drinking excessively during his younger years; many young men and young women are guilty of that and the American people could be very forgiving on that count.

The main problem is how Judge Kavanaugh conducted himself when he testified after Professor Ford. That testimony gave us a window into the true character and temperament of the man. He came across as a lying, angry, arrogant and repulsive man, one that does not possess the judicial temperament for a life-time tenure on the High Court. That testimony forces most of us to go back to the previous senatorial questioning of him where he was not forthcoming on answering questions, but we gave him the benefit of the doubt. Even democratic senators had doubts then but were willing to give him the benefit.

There are other negative issues such as his views on “presidential powers” and his views on certain settled laws that he refused to consider as settled laws. Despite his views in this category he would have been confirmed without any great outcry and protest.

Republican senators are acting like an appointment to the Supreme Court is a divine right and not a privilege extended to the candidate by the American people. While I respect the public service of these men and men and women, I cannot help wondering if these men with law degrees from another century are suffering from a touch of senility that they are failing to see the damage they are doing to our most sacred institutions.

From my perspective, Brett Kavanaugh disqualifies himself from a seat on the high court. That does not destroy his life as he and others want us to believe. He still has a job as a Federal Judge. Since when not getting a job destroys someone’s life. What kind of privileged nonsense is this?


Children 1

Author: Michael Dewar
The Dwelling Place

Might over Rights

Where are the children, where are the girls seized by the Trump Administration?

Are we now borrowing a page from the terrorist organization, Boco Haram, to supplement our immigration policy? “In 2014, more than 200 girls were kidnapped by Boco Haram in Nigeria,” and there was a worldwide outcry, but they held on to those girls for years, some were never returned. The taking of children without parental consent is kidnapping? It does not matter who is doing it.

The executive order signed by the President today (6/20/18) does not do very much. The government should find all the children that they took, track down the parents and reunite them. There is what is called, “parental rights” which can be voluntarily surrendered by parents or terminated by a court on the grounds of permanent abandonment. These parents have not surrendered their rights or abandoned their children. They were seized!

The government has a legal and moral obligation to reunite these children with their families. Think of another country like Iran doing that to a group of U.S. citizens who unwittingly entered in their territory by air, land or sea. That would be war! What on earth make us think that all children are not precious in the eyes of the Creator!

Why aren’t the governments of the three countries from when these children came uniting with one voice demanding the return of these children? Why is this violation of human rights not called that or kidnapping?

The U.S. has a right to protect its borders, but the United State government does not have the political will to do it. You have all these bright men and women in government, many with law degrees from Ivy League university but acting like fools, divided by party interests, not the interest of the country.

We Should Take Warning

These are the kinds of activities that upset nature’s God to unleash the forces of nature on us. Volcanoes getting disturb, floods, wild-fire, earthquakes, and hurricanes are all instruments that can be used to discipline a country for supporting a proud and arrogant government. These disasters can deplete the wealth of a country and bring it to its knees. Keep convincing yourself that all nature’s activities are just purely science.

We are a generous country, but our generosity of the past does not count if we become selfish and brutal. By the way, we must pray for our government ministers, but call them out as the 600 bishops of the United Methodist Church did this week. It appears as if half of the evangelical Christians are behaving like the apostate church riding the beast of Revelation 17 (see the Book of Life); they are blindly blessing what clearly goes against the written text of Scripture.

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