Almost everyone on planet earth knows we are living in the time of the end or end of the age. This does not mean the earth as we know it is going to suddenly fall out of its orbit in fiery explosion. No!  I have more hope for the planet and humankind than that. Nor do we believe there is a set date known to any man when the age will end.

But there is a count down to a new world order; all the happenings on the stage of world history today are pointing to the end of the age. We at The Dwelling place and endtimetalk are concerned with two things: 1) the spiritual security the family at home, 2) helping families with a prophetic understand of everyday events, so they can stay informed and safe.

We are not here to frighten people; we already have enough scary stuff on our plates. We provide hope and meaning to life, and we believe good will ultimately triumph over evil in the end. But there are some rough days ahead and that is why we are focusing on the spiritual security your dwelling place or home. I am not talking burglar alarm or life insurance, but something far more important.

Most people know of housewarming, and some even know of home dedication, but they never heard of dwelling place spiritual cleansing. If you never had your home spiritually cleansed, chances are-you  are living with more than you bargained for. I am Michael Dewar, author of Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing. Learn more


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