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Spiritually Cleansed the Grounds of your Dwelling
Pastor Michael Dewar

I am the Reverend Dr. Michael W. Dewar, Sr., the chief writer on this blog site. I am a pastor, spiritual mentor, Bible teacher, and specialist in church and family conflicts. I am founder and pastor of New York Congregational Baptist Church. I am also founder of Dwelling Place Cleansing, a faith-based organization from which this blog site takes it’s name. The idea that your home and perhaps the land it sits on are harmfully desecrated and need spiritual cleansing, may seem foolish to you.

I pastor churches for over thirty years and did not know that a dwelling could be spiritually desecrated until a family tragedy happened, and the Lord gave me the revelation of what iniquity and danger could be resident in a person’s dwelling and location. That revelation is all captured in the book, Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing that you see on this site, on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

My team and I are committed to the flourishing of people in all areas of their lives. We do dwelling place spiritual cleansing but we might not be able to get to your house, so the book shows you how to conduct spiritual cleansing. Get the paperback copy and get started. This site is still under construction, so forgive the looks; it will get better. To read the latest blog post, comment, and follow me, click on blog at the top of this page.

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